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Face to face consultations are the traditional and still the best way for the patient and doctor to meet. Call Barbara O'Keefe 0n +44(0) 20 7486 1164

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We understand that not all our patients are able to attend face to face consultation in one of our rooms in London either because of the distance, restrictions on travel, expense or other circumstances.


Surgery of the thyroid, surgery of the parathyroids and surgery of the adrenal glands with Mr Kurzawinski in London.

Mr  Tom R Kurzawinski PhD FRCS

Endocrine Surgery with Global Rearch

Clinical Care

Ultrafast Hormones LTD is an organisation committed to providing world class clinical care for people with endocrine conditions


Innovative research in this field and excellent communication combined with education for our patients.

Modern Diagnostic Services

We offer modern diagnostic services and up to date surgical treatments to children and adults with diseases affecting thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands. For our global patients we arrange for face to face in-the-office as well as virtual on-line consultation

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We regularly publish a newsletter that includes interesting and relevant case studies.

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Excellent clinical care for patients with endocrine conditions is at the heart of Ultrafast Hormones everyday activity. We are based at the world’s renowned medical hub centred around Harley Street in London, which offers unparalleled access


At Ultrafast Hormones we are passionate about research and science and believe that surgeons who are also scientists should be a driving force in a biomedical research and make broad contributions to medicine.

Integrated experience

At Ultrafast Hormones we believe that the most fundamental element in medicine today is the relationship between patient and physician and the best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered. Every patient is now a “big data” challenge with vast amount of information

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