Ultra Fast Hormones Integration

At Ultrafast Hormones we believe that the most fundamental element in medicine today is the relationship between patient and physician and the best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered. Every patient is now a “big data” challenge with vast amount of information on current and past problems. There is a need to bring together these disparate data points and arrive at the unifying answers and a treatment plan efficiently and speedily.

This is best achieved by the integration of care which, in the most general sense, should be bringing together and uniting professionals working together in teams. Integrated care unifies and fuses a large amount of information about single patient into a cohesive whole, simplifies and streamlines the diagnostic process, avoids fragmentation of care, reduces cost and increase efficiency.

Excellent communication with patients is a backbone of integrated care and allows for frictionless arrangements for their treatment. We believe that good understanding of the complex medical issues and proposed treatments is empowering and leads to better outcomes. Clarity of information given to the patient is our priority.